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10 Fine Hair Care Tips
Published By almond24 on 2012-03-25 2245 Views

Fine hair is soft and delicate, it can be beautiful with proper care. Fine hair doesn't mean that the hair is thin: just the hair strands are very fine, almost translucent. Actually, fine haired people might have more hair follicles than others, but the overall thickness of the hair is usually smaller. Many fine haired people believe that they can't grow long hair, which is not true. Fine hair can look beautiful when long, and with careful handling we can avoid breakage.

1. Fine hair has a disadvantage, compared to thicker hair: it breaks easily. Since the circumfence of the hair strand is smaller, it's weaker too. Therefore we should be careful when we comb our hair. It's best to start detangling at the ends of the hair, and gradually working our way up towards the roots. Don't comb your hair while it's wet, it can cause a lot of damage.

2. Wearing your hair up in a bun or in a braid often is protective for fine hair, and can save it from a lot of breakage. Avoiding mechanical damage is essential in fine hair care.

3. Your hair can break easily if you use too much heat, therefore it's better to avoid flat or curling irons. If you have to use hairdyer, use it on low heat.  Fine haired people should pay more attention to avoid too much heat.

4. Don't put shampoo on the ends of your hair, normally it's just the roots that need cleaning. As you rinse your hair, the shampoo will reach the ends too. Always use conditioner on the length of your hair, to protect it from losing moisture, but don't put it on your scalp. Don't pile up your hair on the top of your head when you wash it. This will only cause tangles.

5. Shampoos and other products you use on your hair should be mild. Wash your hair as often as you need it.

6. Trim the ends of your hair regularly. Fine hair gets split ends easily, therefore you might need to trim it more often than people with stronger hair. If your hair has a lot of splits, you might need montly little trims, but if you can protect your hair you can even wait 3-6 months with the trim.

7. Fine hair can slip out from updos very easily. You will need to experience which hairstyles work for you. If you don't want to damage your hair, avoid teasing or backcombing. Claw clips, even more of them at the same time, can hold slippery hair well.

8. Henna is a hair friendly natural dye. It doesn't damage the hair, but instead it covers the hair strands, making a coat on it. This way henna can make fine hair stronger, also making it feel and look thicker.

9. Use your fingers first when you detangle your hair. Using brushes designed for babies is not a sin.

10. Those hairstyles which look good on thicker hair, might not be good for fine hair. Loose hairstyles can look beautiful on this hair type.





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